The 5 best snowboarding movies

January 17, 2019

To celebrate The North Face’s 90’s snowboarding steez inspired RAGE capsule dropping at 18montrose, we’ve compiled five essential vintage snowboarding movies to help you differentiate piste from back-country, backside from boned out and all thing’s necessary for shredding the gnar.

Apocalypse Snow (1983)
The first film to ever feature snowboarding, the 20-minute madcap french production features a style more akin to surfing by today's standards. Partly responsible for exposing snowboarding to Europeans shores, Apocalypse Snow is light on tricks, as the sport was still a relatively new art, but makes up for it with an avalanche of style and classic 80s synth.

Blizzard of Ahhh’s (1988)
Now this one’s technically more of a ski film (although it does feature some sick boarding) that helped launch the extreme sports culture that inspired many of today's greatest riders. Starring mohawked punk skier Glen Plake, Blizzard of Ahhh’s (the apostrophe is intentional) highlighted the thrills and freedom of France's Mont Blanc. A concept directly at odds with the strict controls governing out-of-bounds skiing at US ski resorts. It’s most lasting legacy though: introducing the word ‘extreme’ into the common vernacular of every rebellious teen. Unfortunately, the only full version available on Youtube is dubbed in Spanish - but you get the idea, hombre.

TB4 - Run to the Hills (1994)
The 90s saw the appeal of snowboarding at its peak and Standard Film’s Run to the Hills captures the wild, back to basics style of freeriding. The shredding in Run to the Hills is only matched by the hardness of the soundtrack, which features tracks from 90s metal greats like Pantera, Silver Chair and White Zombie.

The Haakonsen Factor (1999)
Terje Håkonsen, one of the stars of Run to the Hills, dominated freestyle snowboarding in the 1990s. The Haakonsen Factor came out while the Norwegian was at the height of his prominence. A snowboarding purist, his proficiency across both terrain and park was influential in defining the style of the era. If you want to see a masterclass in crushing the halfpipe, you can’t go wrong with this 1999 classic.

The Art of Flight (2011)
Can you class 2011 as vintage? We’ve decided to, just to make sure that The Art of Flight gets a shoutout. Described as many as the best snowboarding movie ever made, this Redbull production has a hypnotic mix of stunning cinematography and jaw-dropping snowboarding. Simply put, it redefined what is possible to do when you’re up a mountain and strapped to a laminated fibreglass 2x4.

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