visvim now available in Nottingham...

2016-11-09 12:38:00

visvim Roland Jogger AW16

vivim AW16

Hiroki Nakamura, founder and head designer of visvim, has an unyielding obsession with Americana. It is this influence, merged with a unique perspective on premium manufacturing, that defines the Japanese brand’s aesthetic.

AW16 reflects this, as rugged military styles are executed with the finesse of a luxury fashion house. Take the Iris Liner for example: the humble M-65 inner – something that can typically be bought cheaply at any army surplus store – has been transformed into the ultimate lavish layering piece, with the application of a soft mohair wool lining and a high-density, low-sheen nylon outer.

The versatile wool Hakama Pants add a further sense of refinement, looking simultaneously proper and laidback. Wear these with the Lungta Button Down shirt, which looks like a traditional oxford shirt from the front but features a washed-out American flag sewn onto the reverse, providing a very literal homage to the nation where visvim finds so much of its inspiration. 

The Roland Jogger is a play on a traditional track sneaker, with a Native American motif woven onto the upper. This is a theme that has run throughout visvim’s footwear from its earliest days, with styles such as the cult-classic FBT shoe that draws from a traditional moccasin. 

visvim has an uncompromising approach which blends the lines between clothing brand and research project. By exploring production methods and dyeing techniques both new and old, it creates products that seem familiar, but are truly unique.

visvim is available to purchase in 18montrose Nottingham.