View… Off White’s Virgil Abloh Exhibits New Art

2016-12-07 16:22:00

Virgil Abloh Art BaselPhoto by WWD

Virgil Abloh may be best known for designing clothes for his luxury-streetwear label Off White, but the creative director, who worked with Kanye West for over a decade, has more than a few strings to his bow. Last weekend at Art Basel Abloh showcased his latest piece of artwork, in the form of a conceptual table, chairs and a slogan painted on a wall, which the Chicagoan referred to as a “painting”. “Looking at this table will bring you ideas that you would probably not have when looking at a normal furniture piece”, Abloh told Berlin-based fashion magazine 032c after its unveiling. In an illuminating interview, the creative multi-hyphenate also discussed his background in architecture, streetwear as a concept and the importance of the annual Art Basel gathering in Miami. Check out some excerpts from the interview below and read the full thing here

On his design ethos…

The idea of modernism has a strong influence on my work – the global aspect of design in a built form. How can you create something that unlocks the interest of a generation, that feels contemporary and yet pushes the envelope a bit further. I am doing this to show the next step of what design can be: clothing, products, furniture, and artistic expression.

On the meaning of streetwear…

Streetwear is a kind of thinking, a genre of art. When you look at brands like Supreme, their ability to translate contemporary culture and art direct the feeling of our time. I am adding to that with my projects in a design space.

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