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2017-06-09 11:20:00

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment you have all been waiting for: your first look at Stone Island AW17get excited.

Once again Stone Island studies tradition while marching forward with innovation, offering heritage sportswear designs with a modern interpretation. With a heavy emphasis on textile research, the Italian brand experiments with different weaves and fabrics found in their archives. One recurring theme for this season is contrast: mixing the matte with the shiny, the organic with the synthetic, the flat and the structured. Check it out. 

Ghost Pieces
Based on camouflage, these clean pieces are entirely monochrome. Even the Stone Island badges are mono-colour. The Ghost Outerwear pieces include a futuristic Tank Shield, with multi-layer technology that fuses the fabric with a performance layer. 

Frost Finish
Get icy with this new treatment, which gives the garment a frosted look. The result is a refreshingly crisp new take on Stone Island classics. 

Stone Island House Check
This house check is back, applied to a variety of sportswear pieces in both synthetic and natural fabrics, including Nylon Metal capes and anoraks and garment over-dyed sweatshirts. 

Stone Island Camouflage
Not camo like you expect it, this design takes the form of the House Check. Applied to all our ranges, the pattern manifests itself in different thickness. 

Thermo-Sensitive Pieces
Garments that adapts to the elements: the Ice Jacket SI Check Grid Camo has a pattern that appears only when it gets cold enough; the Ice Knit is knitted in an exclusive yarn that changes colour according to the temperaturea Stone Island first. 

Featherweight Leather
This ultra-lightweight leather features Primaloft Insulation Technology. The result is an incredibly powerful layer of insulation that weighs practically nothing. 

Pertex Quantum Y
The future is here: a next generation performance fabric that combines extreme lightness with incredible durability and strength. These yarns feature a unique Y-Shaped structure to give it greater stability and fluidity. Think of it as Stone Island reinventing the wheel. 

Panno-R 4L Stretch
All natural: these garments have a unique organic look. Constructed by combining four breathable layers, these fabrics are both wind and water repellent, keeping you dry and cosy. 

Stone Island AW17 is coming soon, online and in-store

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