SS17... Moncler x Off-White

2017-03-31 15:51:00

Virgil Abloh has publically stated in interviews that his end goal as a fashion designer is to serve ultimately as the creative director of a major fashion house. Just this February, when the departure of Riccardo Tisci left a gap to be filled at Givenchy, Abloh was rumoured to be a candidate for consideration. Unfortunately, the Chicago-native was ultimately passed up for the gig. Nevertheless, this season’s Moncler O collection perfectly captures a glimpse of what Abloh is capable of when working with a European luxury brand like Moncler.

In the second rendition of this successful capsule collection, Moncler and Abloh’s ‘it’ streetwear label Off-White join forces again to reinterpret the hardwearing work uniforms of Arctic fisherman for the city. Combining Moncler’s stellar production with Off-White’s signature motifs, the result is a street-savvy wardrobe of sportswear-inspired classics: modern and luxurious at the same damn time. 

Moncler O is available in 18montrose Glasgow...