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2017-04-11 16:02:00

Stop swagger-jacking Drake: maybe you’d like to wear more than just Stone Island all the time? Sometimes, a little variety is nice—a balanced closet is key to a healthy lifestyle so check out some of the other contemporary menswear brands coming out of Italy these days.

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, check out this heat from C.P. Company. Fun fact: the big homie who started Stone Island, Massimo Osti, also started C.P. Company. The more you know…

C.P. Company Pro-Tek Shell Jacket in White

C.P. Company Pro-Tek Goggle Jacket

C.P. Company Goggle Sleeve Overshirt

C.P. Company Overshirt

C.P. Company Goggle Sleeve Sweatshirt in Light Grey

C.P. Company Sweatshirt

Meanwhile, if you’re feeling even more daring, maybe Nemen is for you. These made-in-Italy pieces are tailored to perfection, cut from the most advanced technical fabrics. Cop it.

Nemen Tie Dye Overshirt

Nemen Zipped Tie-Dye Overshirt

Nemen Light Pink Coach Jacket

Nemen Light Coach Jacket

And finally, for those true #menswear heads: catch yourself in all this Sempach gear. Launched just two years ago, the Milan-based outerwear brand pays homage to Swiss military-wear. If you don’t know, now you know.

Sempach Ripstop Overshirt in Alpenflage

Sempach Ripstop Overshirt

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