Gift guide... Sock it to me

2016-11-28 12:02:00

Rihanna Vetements socks

Socks and loafers

So here we are again: flip flops kicked to the back of the cupboard, sliders abandoned under your bed. Face it, the only way to make it through the winter months is by making some crucial sock decisions and with the gift giving season upon us, it's your chance to help out the ones you love/like/got in secret Santa.

Firstly, Vetements is the stand out sock paving the way this season: worn with Vans, heels or Vetements' own ‘heel sock’. Riding strong on the sportswear wave, they are undoubtedly going to help you look really fucking cool. Elsewhere in directional socks, check out Rick Owens' Mastodon pair—essential if you insist on wearing high tops and drop crotch shorts all year round.

Next up: a pop of colour. On those mundane Monday mornings choose a bright yellow or a novelty print to show you have a semblance of personality in there somewhere. Anonymous Ism and Folk can cater to your off-grey needs.

Wear a simple sock with mules to give them a winter refurb or slip on some 90s fishnet numbers to add some detail to your winter boots. A.P.C have provided us with some super cute frilly detailed socks which will look perfect with any simple shoe.

Now you're armed with all the knowledge you need to boss the socks off the winter months! 

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