Q+A... Whinnie Williams

2016-12-22 11:14:00

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Whinnie Williams has got that perfect blend of vintage Bridgette Bardot mixed with the 2016-via-Tumblr-remix of the late 70’s. Having just released the video for Real Damn Bad where she pairs a black leather jumpsuit with an oversized Farrah blow dry… Whinnie is looking pretty fucking hot!

The London-based singer, songwriter and model has been a regular on the music and fashion scene
 for a few years, most recently performing for the River Island studio #aneveningwith, and collaborating with the Refinery29 and Smashbox Cosmetics.

Whinnie’s Instagram is totally stalk-worthy and perfectly captures her whole 1960’s/70’s aesthetic, as well as her ethereal locks and Brian—her pet poodle! 
We grabbed her for a quick-fire Q&A…. 

So your new song Real Damn Bad is sick – what’s the story behind it?

I went through a break-up and this song just matched the mood I was in when I got sent the track by my producers, Future Cut. I was angry and feeling dramatic lol… and it made me feel powerful after writing it.

The vibe of the video is really cool, where did the concept come from?

My boyfriend Tom Dream is a director and one of his fave films is Girl on a Motorcycle with Marianne Faithful. We were heavily influenced by that plus the sample in the song.

2016 has been widely acknowledged as a shit one… but how was it for you?

Hahahah yeah, I think it’s been a heavy year. It’s been hard for the music industry too. Everyone’s trying to work out how to break songs / artists and it’s a tricky puzzle. I put Real Damn Bad out this year and then wanted to explore my sound a bitnext year I’ll put out a lot more music and a few other ventures I have up my sleeve.

What has been your favourite gig and why?

My fave gig was probably Birthdays in Dalston. That was my first headline ‘Whinnie’ gig and it was sold out and felt great. I played Hammersmith Apollo once too! That was pretty incredible.

Where would we find you when you’re not working?

I have just moved to Margate so you will find me in Cliffs café / vinyl shop eating veggie sausage rolls and rinsing the wi-fi lol or the beach with my poodle Brian.

Best and worst thing about the music/ modelling industry?

Best thing is the freedom to create: I own my time and I get to be in different places doing crazy fun stuff a lot of the time.

Worst thing is the internal battle: is this good enough? Do people like this? When is my next pay cheque? lol… it’s about learning to hold the tension... it’s hard being freelance, but very worth it.

What inspires your style and how would you describe your image?

My style is eclectic, textured, feminine, classic. I love silks and velvet, and well-made things. I’m inspired by the 60s/70s: I love people like Bardot, Jane Birkin and brands like Shrimps, Mui Mui

What’s your favourite brand on 18montrose?

I love Marquis'Almeida!

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