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2018-03-14 10:52:00

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With all the high-tech equipment and quasi-mathematic terminology, it’s easy to think that electronic music can be boiled down to a cold, scientific formula. But one man knows different and is fully aware that a little wizardry is required: the Belgian DJ and producer known as The Magician. After garnering attention as a founder of Balearic disco duo Aeroplane, Stephen Fasano stepped out on his own in 2010 and has been waving his wand at some of the world’s best clubs, from Ushuaia to Exchange LA, ever since. As you’d expect from a man constantly touring and working with major international artists, fashion is very important to Fasano, so we asked him about his fave designers, his upcoming releases and his Ibiza uniform…

Aside from your musical skills, what other magical powers do you possess?

I always find my way and never get lost - my head is a compass.

Where’s been your favourite place to play?

I love to play in Japan, the crowd is always crazy! Also, they are very open minded there and seem to know everything, it’s a challenge to surprise Japanese people. 

We love your latest track with Ebenezer, any more collabs coming up?

In the same genre, I’ve got a collab with Belgian Rapper/R’n’B singer Hamza. He sings in French and it’s a first for me to release a track in French. 

What’s your go to outfit for a gig?

When I started The Magician project, me and my girlfriend Julie decided to make home-tailored costumes to perform in - we did 4 different ones. Seven years later, I need a fresh approach and now I wear what I like.

How would you describe your style?

Swinging radical young Dad.

Who are your favourite designers at the moment?

Balenciaga, Acne, Martin Margiela & Calvin Klein.

Have you ever played a fashion show party? If not, which designers would you like provide the soundtrack for?

I’ve played for a party in Florence at Pitti Uomo and some in Paris. But never for a fashion show. I would love to provide a soundtrack for Balenciaga or Calvin Klein, I know exactly what I would do...

What are we going to see you wearing in Ibiza this year?

XLL tees or shirts, jeans shorts. Not sure yet on shoes or sandals. Black sunglasses.

The Magician feat. Ebenezer ‘Las Vegas’ is out now
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