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2018-03-21 13:07:00

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Despite only dropping their debut EP in 2013, DISCIPLΞS have already collaborated with some of the biggest names in electronic music: most notably Calvin Harris (How Deep is Your Love) and David Guetta (No Worries). International recognition has followed, and after providing the soundtrack to our past few summers we’re chuffed to see these three lads headlining numerous major festivals this coming year.

We caught up with the trioDuvall, Luke Mac and Gavin Koolat their sold-out gig at Koko in Camden last month to find out what they had going on. 

First up, what most people are excited for, it’s nearly Summer. Do you have any festivals lined up you are particularly excited about? 

Gavin: Yes, we’re really looking forward to doing SW4 and Creamfields again. We’re doing the main stage at both events, but we’re also doing the Disciples live show at SW4, which is our hometown’s festival, so those are the two that I’m most looking forward to.

We’re also doing Tomorrowland again in July. That’s always a great gig.

What are your go to festival outfits? Does this depend on where and which festival you are at? 

Gavin: I always wear Timberlands. I’ve got festival Timberlands that I buy at the beginning of the Summer and by the end they’re ruined, but they always help me tread through the mud, even if it’s hot. I also always bring my Zara overthrow hoodie. I always take that because you never know what the weather will bring, and at 7 or 8 in the evening it gets cold after you’ve had a few drinks.

Are you working on any exciting projects at the moment? 

Gavin: We’re currently working on what will probably be our debut album. We’re working on a body of work for Disciples so we’re not doing loads of collaborations. Saying that, there are some talks taking place at the moment, but I can’t really throw any names out there just yet. For the moment we’re going to consistently release music throughout the Summer and this year, which I’m really excited about.

Where did the name Disciples come from? 

Gavin: It was actually a joke to begin with. It was a joke because when we first started we were working in Duvall’s studio and there would be a couple of times where he would say, “Oh come on my disciples, let’s go and get lunch,” and Luke and I would always laugh at him. After he did it as a joke for a while I actually quite liked the name. It just slotted into place after that.

Is there a certain type of music/ anything in particular that inspires you to create music? 

For Disciples, a lot of 90s hip hop. West Coast 90s hip hop like Dr Dre and Warren G, mixed with a lot of early deep house and house stuff in general from the late 90s and early 00s. They’re the two main influences for us.

Is there anyone in the music industry you really admire and look to follow in their footsteps? 

There’s loads of people who we like, look up to and are influenced by for different reasons, but we always find it quite hard to compare ourselves to other people or follow a blueprint. Whenever we try and do that we end up tripping up at some point because we’re quite unconventional in the way that we work, but people like Daft Punk are definitely people we respect production wise. We love Jamie Jones’ sound as well, he’s a big influence on us.

Where is your favourite place to hang out in London?

Gavin: I like a local country pub on the outskirts of London. We all live in different places on the outskirts of London now, so it’s nice to come back from touring and go to a chilled out, country pub and just switch off for a minute.

What has been your favourite moment so far? 

We did our debut live show at KOKO and it was sold out, so that was one of the first times that we had all of our fans from London in one place. It was a bit of a game changer for us to be able to see our fans and give them something a little bit different. That’s our highlight.

We know you have done some amazing collaborations including Calvin Harris and David Guetta. Who has been your favourite person to collab with since making music? 

Calvin Harris. We were all a fan of his and really liked his music. We’ve been influenced by him as well, since the earlier stages of his career. It was quite an easy process to work with him because we were already fans of his sound and he’s a very accommodating person to work with, so definitely Calvin.

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