Q+A... @bakarrrr

2017-04-11 09:05:00

Stone Island Shadow Project Bomber SS17

Stone Island Shadow Project Bomber SS17

Bakar is on the rise, having recently dropped new singles Scott Free and Big Dreams he’s rapidly bumping up his views. As well as music, he’s got his fingers in a few pies: not inexperienced in the modelling scene and recognisable as part of the infamous ‘616 Laigon Boyz’ he is a face you are more than likely to see on your IG feed this summer.

Anyway we managed to meet him… 4 hours later than we scheduled, boshed him in some 18montrose pieces and found out a few new things about him we didn’t know before.

Describe yourself in three words?
Six One Six

Describe a day in your life? Is waking up at 2pm the norm? 
No one day is ever the same but today I'm waking up with a career ending hangover, going to the studio, rehearsing with my band this evening and then we'll see where the wind takes us. 

If I could only wear one designer for the rest of my life, I’d wear…

The worst trend of the last 10 years:
Xanax and those really long bomber jackets make me sick.

The dream is… 
Marry Jorja Smith

Current fave song:
Top Off Benz - Kodak Black ft. Young thug

In the film of my life, I would be played by…
By myself.

Weirdest moment of your life? 
Weirdest is probably yet to come.

Best party / turn up has been… 
Wow if you really know me you'll know that I am a party god therefore this question is pretty much unanswerable. 

My style icon is…
Changes all the time—right now... probably Pep Guardiola.

My favourite 18montrose brand is...

In 10 years time I will be…
A mogul.