Pursuing Perfection... Acronym AW16

2016-09-21 11:39:00

Acronym AW16Acronym Interops Coat in Black

His creations eschew categorisation and his CV is beyond impressive; Errolson Hugh may not receive recognition from the fashion press pack but his designsouterwear, bags and trousers created for hyper-functionalityare some of the most innovative available.

Through Acronym, a design studio turned brand that he launched with Michaela Sachenbacher, Hugh offers a unique proposala uniqueness that, you suspect, stems from few of his peers being willing and able to go to such lengths to execute their visions. Even an eerily similar Gucci SS14 jacketone that drew inspiration from Acronym’s renowned GT-J5A design, as TheFashionLaw.com noted at the timewas not executed to the same exacting standards; Gucci’s was lowly cotton poplin, whilst Acronym’s is crafted from 3L Gore-Tex fabric. For all the riches and resources of the storied Italian fashion house, this episode was tellingnot so much as in what we learned about Gucci but more so the agile German-based independent and their desire to provide the best of the best.  

Hugh is a perfectionistin a market inhabited by designers who flit from theme to theme in the space of six months, the Canadian focuses on refining an already hyper-refined vision in which he seeks to create clothes that fit a modern world. A lack of any formal training in fashion design that allows Hugh to present such an unorthodox yet brilliant proposition. With a background in architecture and a long-held fascination with karate, his clothes are designed as integrated structures, providing increased movement and mobility.

It is this focus, an attention to minute details and an unyielding desire to continually re-work his own impressive archive, which sets Acronym apart. Each item comes in typically sparse, utilitarian packaging, complete with a printed sheet explaining each design element and the fabric composition of the piece. It leaves you in no doubt as to what Hugh values: no fancy embellishments, no shiny campaign ads, no trend-charts, simply superior product.

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