PAQ 2: The Future

2018-09-11 17:22:00

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In part two of out PAQ interview Dex, Danny, Shaq and Elias explain the message behind their YouTube channel, new trends for AW18 and potential plans for their PAQ Christmas special.

What's more of a priority: creating content for an already knowledgeable streetwear audience, or trying to educate and attract guys who want to up their game?

Shaq: I would say there definitely a large portion of people who aren't even into streetwear that watch our show. Some people don’t even realise how much they appreciate fashion until they see how fun it is. It’s about creating a community and environment where people feel safe and we try to address more than just fashion. We’re trying to invite on all sorts of people, from all walks of life, right now we’re trying to tackle mental health. We’re trying to bring in other issues as well. Our main focus is to just help people.

Do you feel like some people can be quite protective over streetwear as a culture, do you get a lot of pushback about trying to open it up?

Elias: I think there’s a lot of stigma about fashion in general, everyone’s got their guards up and that’s why we're here with our sledgehammer to break down that way and be like, yo, we can all be as one. Streetwear, high-end, there’s always gonna be people that are protective, they’ve got their bubble and if you’re not in it, you’re not cool. But in reality, you've got to open up and be inclusive.

Shaq: Fashion can seem quite niche, but if you get into it you’ll understand how broad it is.

You explore the topic of gender neutrality in some of your videos, it seems like that’s something you guys are really open to?

Shaq: That’s definitely something we want to show to people. Places like Oxford Street definitely cater to one gender more than another. You go into some stores and you have three floors for women and one for men. I’d say the same thing to women as well, if there’s something in the guy's section you like, then go ahead and buy it. It’s about whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Dex: I’ve got some sick stuff that’s come from the women’s section, I’ve always borrowed my sister's jackets and my mum’s. At the end of the day, it’s just material that’s been pieced together, it’s just about how you want to express yourself, to be honest.

Danny: Don’t get me wrong, I love the classic gentleman style, but at the same time I love slightly androgynous frontmen, like Brett Anderson from Suede, Jarvis Cocker from Pulp, Prince, it’s so effortlessly cool when you can just put on anything.

: It’s about how to piece it together. If Kanye can wear a skirt, you can too bro.

Heading into AW18 have you guys got any tips or statement pieces, or brands that you think are gonna blow up?

Dex: Winter is my favourite time of year - the days are short and nights are longer. Make sure you layer-up. Summer’s cool, but the reason I love winter is the layers.

Elias: Everyone loves a statement winter jacket. Fleeces are also gonna be sick this winter, I recently got a leopard print fleece that I’m gonna be banging over hoodies.

Danny: For me, it’s a good pair of winter shoes, something that’s durable, easy to clean and comfy as hell. I recently just bought a 1965, M65 Parka, one of the original ones, so I cannot wait to get that out. It’s chunky as hell and I bought it in an XXL so it absolutely drowns me.

Shaq: Naturally in London, you’re gonna need a Puffer Jacket, the Moncler x Craig Green stuff, I feel like that’s gonna be really popping.

Have you got anything special planned for PAQ over Christmas?

Danny: Last year we did a giveaway. I loved that day, it was so fun. I’d love to do something like that again. Maybe like a PAQ grotto, a pop-up store, but Christmas themed, something like that would be so sick.

Dex: Yeh, black Santa and some evil elves. Nah I’m playing.

Elias: I think that could be sick, imagine us prepping it, having to do the hustle, find all the props and costumes. Christmas is all about giving back, we just want to support the people that got in this position today, so anything related to that.

Danny: You’ve probably heard that here first!

Dex: We definitely want to do something where we’re giving back. After that though, I’ll be taking some flights to tropical islands and putting my feet up, thinking back on this year and getting ready to start another year where I work twice as hard.

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Stylist: Lewis Munro 
Art Director: Ruby Moon Fox
Photographer: Joshua Meeks-Rayvon