Over-size it...

2016-10-26 16:57:00

Marques'Almeida Oversized Shirt AW16Marques'Almeida Large Cuff Shirt

The bigger the better for this season and beyond! After decades of clingy, fault finding fabric, after many fitted but unflattering shirts and skinny jeans, womenswear designers are finally going BIG.

There was a prevailing supersize, loud and proud vibe at London Fashion Week; large proportions, loose but flattering fittings and masculine designs. 

Hooray to the inflated Puffa jacket: Marques’Almeida gave us the duvet coat, Burberry went with over-sized aviator jackets and military style overcoats. Temperley London and Alexander McQueen featured ballooned oversized Tulle sleeves and silhouettes. 

Whether it’s a shirt, jumper, dress or coat this season- make it oversized. Here’s a selection of key pieces you need to make this AW your biggest yet…

Alexander Wang Wool Fringed Overshirt in RedAlexander Wang Wool Fringed Overshirt in Red

Alexander Wang Wool Fringed Overshirt in RedAlexander Wang Tender Angora Knit... your boyf can wear it too