SS17... Visvim

2017-03-28 15:13:00

Visvim SS17 Nottingham

Visvim SS17

Acclaimed Japanese designer Hiroki Nakamura has been heralded as an anthropologist: one who looks to the four corners of the world to channel the diverse ways garment are constructed. It’s no surprise then that his cult label Visvim is—despite its Tokyo street style eccentricities—an embodiment of global styles through different continents and cultures.

Take the Skagway in Leopard: a product of diverse origins, Visvim makes a readymade classic American silhouette and finishes it with a tribal print. And who can forget the now iconic FBT sneaker-boot: an homage to the hardwearing footwear choices of Native American hunters and gatherers that long preceded Western influences.

Visvim clothing and footwear is available now at 18montrose Nottingham