New in... Frosty AF Stone Island Tela Nylon Down Jackets (Brrrrr)

2017-08-03 11:12:00

I know it's dead ass the middle of summer still but winter will be here before you even know it. I'm not here to make shitty Game of Thrones references, but when it gets wet and cold, you'll want to prepare yourself. Luckily, the outerwear selection for Stone Island this season is absolutely on point, as always. Peep the Tela Nylon Down Jacket in Dusty Pink and Dusty Grey. These coats are packed with top-notch down, coloured with a Frost Finish so you can stay icy without freezing your ass off. "But it doesn't get that cold where I live, and I don't want to spend 1000 pounds on a jacket!" Alright, quit your whining. Check the Tela Nylon Down Gilet with the same Frost Finish instead. It's like the same thing, without the sleeves and a bit shorter. Oh, and before I forget. When it rains, be ready with the Jacquard Check Jacket. Stay dry, my friend. 

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