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2016-08-30 14:41:00

Sempach Lenker jacket

Outerwear is the king of men's fashion. Jeans are obsessed over, everyone has a t-shirt they're in a long-term relationship with, and the money spent on sneakers online dwarfs the GDP of most developing countries. But outerwear is king; it makes fashion fun, both for the wearer and for designers. We get interesting shapes and techy space-age fabrics; they get to truly stretch themselves creatively, as they try to marry form and function. With this in mind, allow us to introduce Sempach. 

That sweet spot is what we're both seeking, where creativity intersects with performance. Not too bearded mountain hiker, not too gaunt Paris runway model, but a balance of the best from both worlds. And that is what Sempach do very well.

“We didn’t want to do fashion,” says the brand’s founder, Mauro Di Lido, sat in his Milan-based office. “We wanted to make something timeless. We have a design team who have a great know-how as well as creativity. We seek to combine these traits – we don’t create for the sake of it, but to make something functional.” 

Launched in January of last year, Sempach’s inaugural collection featured an array of quilted styles, taking inspiration from a Swiss military sleeping bag that formed the basis for Di Lido’s previous label, Swiss Chris. This back to basics approach has helped shaped Sempach’s aesthetic, with this collection again taking cues from Swiss military-wear in the form of a soldier’s tent.

“We didn’t want to do reproductions,” says the Italian designer. “From the tent we drew inspiration for small details, such as the cotton laces we used. But each detail, from the concealed pockets to the fabric, was created specifically for Sempach.” The custom fabric he is referring to is a PU-backed cotton on each garment ensures complete protection from the elements. 

As the first stockist of Sempach in the UK, this exclusive seasonal offering sees semi-articulated parkas alongside coach-style jackets, with detailing that is simultaneously bold and subtle – think tonal side vents with chunky zip closures that can quickly transform the jacket from rigid and regimented to a more relaxed, billowing silhouette. All of which appears within a distinctly demure palette of navy, green and ecru.

Check out Sempach...

Sempach Gabel Jacket in navy 

Sempach Gabel Jacket in Navy

Sempach Lenker Rain Mac in green

 Sempach Lenker Rain Mac in Green

Sempach Sattel Field Parka in Ecru 

 Sempach Sattel Field Parka in Ecru