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2017-11-13 16:39:00

Canada Goose Lodge Jacket AW17
Lodge Jacket

Canada Goose Langford Parka
Langford Parka

Listen, there’s always going to be a place for functionality in fashion, especially when the alternative is freezing your bollocks off. So it’s no surprise that Canada Goose is at the top of the outerwear game, mixing authentic outdoor cred with strong no-nonsense silhouettes. New to 18montrose for AW17, here are three of their best:

Chillwack Bomber

You know who needs a good, warm coat? Post-war bush pilots in Northern Canada. And is there any outerwear available today that comes close to what such a rugged, brave man would wear? Yes: the Chillwack Bomber from Canada Goose. Those Arctic runways got a little chilly, so CG have developed an aviation-inspired bomber that will keep you warm and mobile. With a duck down fill and a coyote fur ruff, this jacket will keep you damn snug.

Lodge Jacket

A lighter, more casual style, the Lodge Jacket is great for those of us who don’t live in Arctic conditions. Still warm and windproof, this jacket will keep you comfortable during cigarette breaks and sprints between public transport terminals. You can even pack it into its own internal pocket and use it as a pillow.

Langford Park

Hollywood loves Canada Goose. Give an a-lister a snowbound script and they’ll be in a Canada Goose parka before the final credits roll. With a longer length for greater leg coverage, plus clean lines for a modern feel, the Langford guarantees warmth with sophisticated style… you’ll feel like a movie star.

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