Name Rings a Bell... Yeah she Does a Couple Things

2017-05-17 16:26:00


black and white M'A


Leah Abbott is making a name for herself in the London circuit as a style icon as well as a stylist.

Her Instagram is an addictive scroll clad full of vintage silk, luxurious fur and fire outfits all styled by herself.
Featuring in the latest Illustrated Peoples campaign along with a gang of girl bosses, her face is continuously popping up in high-end-fash editorials. So we thought we would grab her on a spare day and see what her take was on some 18m pieces.

Our shoot mainly focused on the new killer Marquis'Almeida Summer 17 collection. From top to bottom Leah is wearing the classic draped jumper in black. The oversized striped shirt in black and white and finally the frayed denim top in blue. 


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