Music... Ultra / Zomby

2016-11-23 17:09:00

Zomby / Cav Empt

British electronic producer Zomby has a reputation for his unconventional approach: from starring in lookbooks for Japanese streetwear brand Cav Empt (complete with his ever-present mask), to his controversial Twitter persona and a penchant for luxury garms.

When it comes to the tunes, Ultra (his most recent release) illustrates that there is considerable musical substance to complement his inimitable style. Out on Hyperdub, the album spans over 50 minutes and features coveted collaborations with the likes of Darkstar, Rezzett and the ever-elusive Burial. Described by Pitchfork Magazine as his most “self-assured [and] experimental record in ages,” Ultra’s brilliance lies in its uncompromising aesthetic – just like its creator.

As we gear up for his set this Thursday at Stone Island Presents in Glasgow, check out Ultra below.