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2016-09-09 09:55:00

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Martin Margiela stands alone in fashion as being hugely influential while maintaining an incredibly low profile; notoriously press-shy, the Belgian showcased his unique design sensibility on the runways of Paris throughout the 90s and early 2000s without revealing almost anything about his private life. In his collections, Margiela pioneered an aesthetic that revelled in providing the unexpected: corsets fashioned from gloves; spliced, deconstructed tailoring; upcycled military garments. It’s fair to say that much of what is still considered new and exciting within fashion is derivative of his work.

Today, John Galliano is responsible for the creative direction of Maison Margiela, imparting his own nuances on the house’s ever-evolving history. The diffusion line MM6 often draws from the archives of Margiela mainline, readapting styles for a more street-ready wardrobe. MM6 collections often feel like the greatest hits of the brand’s founder; there are shirts with hems that have been left unfinished and delicate dresses with utilitarian, almost military-like pockets.

There are perhaps few brands that could repeatedly dip into their own archives, repurposing past design traits, whilst still presenting collections that feel freshbut with an archive filled with pieces that are so enduring, still so innovative, MM6 are in a unique and fortunate position.

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MM6 AW16 Print T-Shirt in Black

AW16 Print T-Shirt in Black



MM6 AW16 Rouche Tie Faux Leather Dress in Black

AW16 Rouche Tie Faux Leather Dress in Black



MM6 AW16 Double Breasted Felt Wool Coat in Burgundy

AW16 Double Breasted Felt Wool Coat in Burgundy