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2017-06-14 09:40:00

LFWM Craig Green SS18

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Craig Green flew the nest this season. Leaving behind the relative safety of the official LFWM fam to go it alone, the designer chose a series of industrial arches in London’s Southwark to present his SS18 collection.

With “the search for paradise, and what paradise might mean to different individuals” as his starting point, Craig sent a collection of utilitarian and workwear-inspired signatures down the runway. His wearable sculptures were back too – this season, they took the form of kite-like talismans hung from the models’ necks, “we wanted them to feel like dissections of the body, opening it up to new ideas” the designer explains. 

Also on show was a series of bold graphic capes, parka-style coats and oversized trousers, constructed using a new technique that the CG team had developed. Using sports cord tunnelled through fine channels in various fabrics, the effect was a texture like corrugated cardboard which rendered the pieces pliable and sculpture-like themselves. 

As usual, the Menswear Designer of the Year knocked it out of the park – but then we didn’t expect anything less.

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