Introducing... Belly Squad

2018-04-05 16:49:00

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Over the past twelve months, Belly Squad have been effortlessly establishing themselves in the London music scene. Mixing dancehall and afrobeats with some obvious grime elements, their sound has been evolving since the release of their viral hit, Banana.

As we met in near-freezing Shoreditch, the obvious topic was summer. Yung Max, Ross and his cousin Ty were talking about their already-fully-booked summer line-ups, including Wireless Festival, where they will be playing alongside the likes of Skepta, Wretch 32 and Stormzy. The line of succession is clear: these guys have climbed their way up the UK charts, and Belly Squad are next.

First up, what most people are excited for, it’s nearly summer... Do you guys have any festivals lined up?

Yeah, Wireless is the big one this summerthat’s confirmed. There are a few others in the pipeline and we're gonna be going out to some spots in Europe again.

You initially blew up over a Vine a few years ago and you have been going strong in the London scene since then, would you say your music has changed much since Banana? Would you describe you sound differently now from then?

The sounds grown, its evolved since Banana become bigger. It's being received by a bigger audience to so now there's more to cater to. Evolve or be extinct lol 

How is the current music scene influencing the music you are making right now?

We feel like we're a part of the influence tbh. The industry is more receptive now so there are more opportunities and more people that like our sound.

Anyone you are all keen to collaborate with in 2018?

We have some collabs already that aren't out that we are looking forward to names though loool

Who are you looking to for inspiration at the moment, style wise and musically?

We inspire each other, there's a big group of us so a lot comes from our circle. Street culture is always an inspiration to us as we've grown up in and around it. Migos are killing it on all levels, style and music. We go through phases recently we've been listening to a lot of early 00's like T-Pain, Chris Brown and 50 Cent. 

What is everyone’s go-to outfit rn?

Tracksuit haha, always tracksuit and trainers. If it’s cold some sort of down jacket to cover it.

1 thing you would buy today if you had unlimited money?

An island. Build everything we'd need and want on it for all the fam: houses, studios, everything.

Which was your favourite brand you worked with on the shoot yesterday

Probably Stone Island and C.P. Company. They've been connected to football and street culture growing up, and they're what we are comfortable in. 

Which was your favourite product you were styled with from the whole day?

Max: The Tommy Jeans Sweater, that was cold

Ty: The Craig Green denim two-piece

Ross: The Palms Angels hoody

Were you feeling the Hawaiian shirts?

Feeling like summer came early even though it’s snowing outside. Tropical!

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