Interview... Snakehips

2018-04-16 06:56:00

snake hips


You have definitely heard a Snakehips track, even if you weren’t aware. The London duo have been smashing out dance hits for some time now. Oliver Lee and James Carter have racked up some massive collaborations with names including Zayn Malik, Tinashe and Chance the rapper, releasing feel-good songs that become the soundtrack to your life at that particular time. With the festival season coming up we have no doubt we will be bouncing along to Snakehips at some point, we caught them on their travels back from Coachella to see what was up next for the boys.

Up to date, what are you feel most proud of in your musical career?

There have been so many high points! I think working with some of our favourite artists like Chance the Rapper, Anderson Paak, Tinashe is something we’re really proud of. Seeing a crowd singing along to our tracks is always something that makes us feel really humbled by how far we’ve come.

Are there any songs that you guys worked on that we wouldn’t necessarily know you were involved in?

We wrote on a track for DJ Snake's recent album. Ollie played saxophone on a Bondax record, which I've forgotten the name of haha. James did a bunch of mixing on some Rudimental records and some other stuff a few years ago. There’s a load of stuff we've worked on behind the scenes but mostly been focusing on our own stuff recently.

What sneakers are you wearing at the moment?

Just picked up these Nike Air Forces 180s in black and blue that are really nice.

How do you feel the electronic music scene in the UK is doing right now

UK music is in a really strong place at the moment and I feel like it has really found its voice internationally as well. I feel like mad afrobeats & dancehall type sounds coming out of the UK is influencing pop music everywhere.

Is there anyone you are both dying to collaborate with?

There are tonnes! The Weeknd, Kali Uchis, J Hus to name a few...

Where did ‘Snakehips’ come from?

It came from a pair of jeans Ollie used to wear that were really tight, I’m sure you can imagine the rest haha. Thankfully they’re not around anymore.

What does your festival line-up look like this Summer? Are you planning on being wasted (like all your friends)? 

It’s looking nice! We’ve already started with Corona Capital in Mexico last weekend and we’ve got festival dates all over including EDC China, Bonnaroo, Sasquatch, Bonanza Campout and loads more. I’m sure the drinks will flow at some of them at least haha.

Do you have any festival survival tips?

Drink lots of water and never stand behind really tall people at shows