Q+A... AJ Tracey

2016-11-22 14:23:00

AJ Tracey by BlaowPhoto by Blaow, AJ wears Stone Island beanie

AJ Tracey by Jeaniq Amihyia Photo by Jeaniq Amihyia

AJ Tracey by Vicky GroutPhoto by Vicky Grout

AJ Tracey is a rising MC from Ladbroke Grove, west London, making big waves in the UK grime scene. Starting his career on pirate radio stations way back in 2011, he’s been a constant presence ever since. Authentic and not about to copy older more established MCs, AJ’s trademark style is fast, forceful bars.

With a new ep out on December 4, we caught up with AJ on fashion, music and London. Naturally, we needed to find out if he was on Tinder and where he gets his style inspiration from:

Favourite Tottenham match memory?
Last season beating Man City 4-1.

What project are you most stoked about working on right now?
My EP 'Lil Tracey'. Go preorder that.

Are you on Tinder?
Nah. Someone made me an account but I refuse to use it.

Best show so far?
XOYO 4th birthday.

Thoughts on Brexit?
Fuck Brexit.

Favourite 18montrose brand?
Off-White x Moncler.

Most used word/phrase?
 “Get me”.

Biggest turn off in a girl?
Bad hygiene.

The best thing about London?

Who’s your fashion icon?
Quavo from Migos.

What's your dad's name?

Check out ajtracey.co.uk…