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2016-12-12 13:40:00

Stone Island Archivio

Urban Archaeology - Twenty Years of Mo-Wax

Fragment by Hiroshi Fujiwara

You are what you read. Or at least, what you pretend to read. Books are an incredible tool for enriching yourself, broadening your horizons, sustaining personal improvement… but they’re also a good way of showing your friends and online followers that you are in some way cultured.

Simply place the right books on a coffee table or artfully dot them around your apartment, and always make sure they appear in the periphery of any domestic Instagram shots. These subtle touches go a long way in refining your original and authentic personal brand.

Maybe you have a friend or significant other that thinks like this. Maybe you’d like to buy them a gift that not only illustrates how well you truly know them, but also helps them pay their rent by simply having loads of followers. If this is you, you’re a good friend. Or maybe you just want to buy someone a really nice, thoughtful book. Either way, we have you covered.

Monocle Travel Guides

Monocle is a monthly magazine that caters to young professionals with an eye for style, a love of travel and a tendency to spend three minutes more than necessary on their hair each morning. Ridiculously well groomed and annoyingly successful, the average Monocle reader probably wants for little – which is why, if your mate falls into this category, you should buy him one of these travel guides. Taking in New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong, London and Madrid, each one gives you the lowdown on all the best places to eat and things to see for a discerning traveller. The recipient will be so grateful, they might even feel obliged to bring you along for the trip.

Hiroshi Fujiwara – Fragment Design

Do you know someone that lives for Thursday’s Supreme drop like it’s the weekend; who has been known to camp outside the Palace store from time to time; who has a slightly unnerving man-crush on Alex Olson? If so, they probably like streetwear, so a book by the so-called “godfather of streetwear” is a good way of showing how well you know and like them. Hiroshi Fujiwara’s most recent Rizzoli tome is a mesmerising look back at the Japanese creative’s many collaborations with labels like visvim, Nike and, of course, Supreme.

Urban Archaeology – Twenty Years of Mo’Wax

Mo’Wax was pretty much the Palace of your dad’s era.  A record label that rose to prominence in the mid-90s, it crossed over into several other genres, including fashion and art, coming to be known as much for its groundbreaking aesthetic as its music. Under the guidance of founder James Lavelle, Mo’Wax collaborated with artists like Futura and A Bathing Ape’s Nigo. If your dad has a battered but cherished Stussy t-shirt lurking at the bottom of his wardrobe, or a taste for some of Ian Brown’s experimental post-Stone Roses output, this might just be the perfect gift for him.

Stone Island Archivio

Buying for someone who’s into jackets just a little too much? They’ll appreciate this. Stone Island’s Archivio book is an exploration of some of the finest coats ever conceived. Made for true connoisseurs of Stone Island, each paged is laced with some serious jacket-porn, documenting the brand from its earliest days under the guidance of Massimo Osti right through to 2012. Whether their a Basement dweller (the Facebook group, not an actual basement) or a diehard Stoney fan, this limited edition book is sure to hit the spot. Plus it’s cheaper than an actual jacket.

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