#LFWM... Edward Crutchley SS18

2017-06-10 11:39:00

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Edward Crutchley SS18 was presented in Ironmongers' Hall, with walls decked with gold-framed oil paintings and eye-wateringly ornate crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

Once the music started playing and the models began to walk we could understand why this location was chosen: the first look resembled a 15th-century regal silk overgown, loose fitted and necessarily long in soft cream emblazoned with a light floral pattern. The sleeves were puffed around the elbows with metal gold bracelets cuffing the sleeves. 

The music began as a simple flute tune which soon turned into a bassy guitar, from then on the simple silk shirts turned into impossibly cropped bomber jackets and with tightly strung corsets (yes, corsets guys), mythical centurion horns made out of raw copper finished off each outfit. 

The core colours of the collection were whites, creams and khaki with overpowering gold detail. The question is: do you dare to wear? 

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