Coming soon... Neighborhood SS18

2018-04-12 12:20:00

Neighbourhood SS18 Squad Fleece

Neighbourhood SS18 Tactical Crew Sweat

Neighbourhood G-1 Jacket SS18

If you took the stairs to the roof of Neighborhood HQ in Sendagaya, Tokyo you’d find a greenhouse filled with rare, obscure plant life. Boojum trees, cacti, succulents and various other types of flora are nurtured in this nursery nestled amid the skyline of Tokyo City. Now Neighborhood founder Shinsuke Takizawa has applied this green thumb to his streetwear brand, planting a capsule from Specimen Research Laboratory (his horticulture themed sub-label) alongside his SS18 collection.

That's not to say Neighborhood has abandoned its roots in the greasy underbelly of outlaw motorcycle culture. Checkered G-1 jackets, embroidered sukajan bombers and workwear sweats make up a wider selection of military and heritage workwear with the same attitude we’ve come to expect from Japan’s most rebellious label.

Be sure to catch the first drop of Neighborhood SS18 online and instore at King’s Cross & Nottingham