Coming soon... Nanamica AW16

2016-08-15 18:25:00

Coming soon to 18montrose… Japanese functional clothing specialists Nanamica. The latest collection from Eiichiro Homma blends technical wools, crisp GORE-TEX jackets and breathable jersey essentials.

If there is one word you can associate with Nanamica, it’s “consistency”; they produce drop after drop of high quality menswear that outlasts seasonal trends. Blue is woven through each collection, and the brand’s lookbook enjoys a feeling of continuity from season to season – the styling is relaxed and invariably set against a clean white backdrop. The aesthetic never strays from Homma’s mixture of utilitarian sportswear with touches of Yankophile prep.

Amidst an industry obsessed with the latest hot new thing, such a single-minded approach to both product and brand direction feels refreshing. Nanamica do what they do, and they do it very well, with each season building on what has gone before.

Check out what they have in store for AW16…

Nanamica AW16 look 1

Nanamica AW16 look 2

Nanamica AW16 look 3

Nanamica AW16 look 4

Nanamica AW16 look 5

Nanamica AW16 look 6

Nanamica AW16 look 7

Nanamica AW16 look 8