Introducing... Charley Palmer Rothwell

2018-04-18 10:59:00
Charley Palmer Rothwell in Heron Preston

The very chiselled East End actor Charley Palmer Rothwell has been making stealthy moves in the film scene for some years now, appearing in massive blockbusters such as Dunkirk and in Legend (alongside Tom Hardy)... with this kind of pedigree he's clearly not just a very pretty face.
We managed to pin him down for a day in east London, eat pizza and try on some new 18montrose pieces. Obviously we had to ask him if he was an EastEnders fan and what his summer was looking like.

How do you find the current fashion scene in London at the moment, round-up in 3 words?

Bad a man

What is your current go-to outfit?

Nike Sean Wotherspoons Air Max 97s, brown corduroy trousers, anything stripey on top. But if I’m being honest it’s all about the jacket for me. My new favourite is my C.P Goggle Jacket (jheeez).

Is London your favourite city to be? We know your family have moved to LA but you chose to stay here?

London has its positives but I feel a bit like a dam at the moment. All the water in me wants to spill into a new estuary. My inspiration has dried up here.  New York has been calling me for a while but I also want to learn French so maybe Paris…We’ll see. My family did move to LA but it’s not me. 

Will you be heading to any festivals this summer?

If I wasn’t working all summer I would go to Primavera in Barcelona but sod’s law has had its way. I try to go Great Escape in Brighton most years. As much as I hate saying it, this may be the first year I don’t go to any…sorry boys. Actually no. I might try to go one of the Croatian ones if I can squeeze it in. Not sorry. I would also love to go to some film festivals if the chance arises, that's always a treat.

What was your favourite outfit from the shoot?

The luminous orange Stone Island top was too flash for day-to-day but perfect for the worn out aesthetic of my flats. Also, the Heron Preston Bomber and AMI Hawaiian Shirt combo was a bit of me. 

Were you a fan of East Enders growing up? (Probably not as much as us)

I watched it but if we’re comparing to the 18montrose crew, then no I’m not even close to calling myself a fan. Although I am a massive fan of 18montrose... garms for days.

Who has the worst fashion sense you know?

Jared Leto

Do you have any projects coming up you are excited about?

I’m doing a feature film called Looted for the BFI that is an extension of a short I did a couple years ago. The director Rene Pannevis is a not only a true artist, but a wonderful man who understands actors, not all directors have this skill. But my most exciting venture has been embarking on a project that has been strictly secret for its entirety so sadly can’t say nada but all I’ll say is…we are about to build an empire. 

Anything we can look forward to seeing you in coming out soon?

I recently did a darkly interesting storyline in this series called Fortitude on Sky Atlantic which I’ll be interested to see when it’s ripe. Also a movie I’m part of called Beast has been doing the festival circuits this year…If you like cinema that shows you parts of your mind that you would rather not answer to, watch. Also there is an actress that carries the film called Jessie Buckley, she is brilliance. 

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