Blissed out... Asics GEL LYTE V

2017-07-07 17:01:00

Asics GEL LYTE V AW17 1

Asics GEL LYTE V AW17 2

Asics GEL LYTE V AW17 3

Everything about the new Asics GEL-LYTE Vs is chill. Check the colour palettes: blissed out pastels and soothing greys on a crisp white sole. Now close your eyes, i'mma whisper the names of the colourways to you: Apricot Nectar... Mauve Wood... Reef Waters and Birch... How does that feel? It feels good. You ready to try these on? Slip your foot in, feel that sleek, form-fitting sneaker. Now put your weight on them, prepare for a new level of lightness as you glide on cushioned GEL panels. Now open your eyes. Add to basket. Wait.

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