Q+A with Nick Griffiths and Simon Foxton

2016-05-19 19:00:00

Nick Griffiths and Simon Foxton of &Son Studios first met in the halcyon days of mid-90s i-D magazine and are the creative duo behind the 18montrose film launch. Neither particularly care for what is deemed to be "on trend" - Both place much greater emphasis on creating images that are rooted in cultural reference points.

Does the film have a name?

Can you explain some of the ideas and influences behind the film?
We looked at sub-cultural groupings over the decades as a starting point for a language and then placed that idea in a contemporary context.

There’s an almost tribal, youth culture-led, aspect to the film – what were some of the reference points that informed this?
Yes, as above this was our starting point, we felt it was a good way to represent the notion of multi brand imagery.

Your work isn’t typically fashion-led. I have seen Simon describe it in the past as “image making,” – what is the key to creating a good fashion image?
It needs to stand alone and not rely on context.

How did you two first meet? And how would you describe your working relationship?
Originally through i-D magazine way back in 94. Working relationship wise, I think we would both agree we like to have fun and create work we find exciting and correct for the brand we are working with.

Simon, in the past you’ve described the process of your work as “tedious, difficult and unrewarding” and as a “labour of love.” What did you love about doing this film?
[Laughs] I like to moan…

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