A Big Night Out with Barena

January 29, 2019

Barena is back, and there’s no better ambassador for the class and style of Venice , the floating city. Italian dandy Sandro Zara founded the brand 1961 and ever since it's been at the peak of Venitian savoir-faire. To celebrate the new season's arrival, we’ve drafted the perfect playbook for a big night out on Venice Island to go with your new sartorial fit.

One word. Opera. Bare with me here; Venice is famous for its 200-year-old opera house Teatro La Fenice and is the perfect place to start your night (it’s really not as stuffy as you’d think). Plus, if you turn up a bit earlier, you can get hold of discount tickets for a fraction of the price. Although be warned, this might leave you standing in the rafters with a view that's equal parts light fixture as it is the stage. Nevertheless, these guys can really belt out a tune and the gold-leaf gilding of the opera house has an ethereal glow in the candle-light.

Once you’re done being bougie, head to Harry’s Bar where the best Bellinis in the world can be found. Prosecco is made in the Venetian region, so you don’t have to go far to find one. Harry’s Bar will have you feeling like you’re on the set of a Fellini movie and was a favourite drinking spot for Hemmingway, Capote and Orsen Welles. The Bellini may set you back a small fortune, but you can balance the books by helping yourself to the free croquettes handed out at the bar.

Finish off the night at Caffè Florian, who opened their doors way back in 1720. It's officially the world’s oldest coffee spot and was frequented by Venice’s own OG softboi Giacomo Casanova. The hot chocolate is literally a mug of molten cocoa and they stay open until the early hours of the morning.

Check out the new drop of Barena and bring a little slice of Venice to your daily street style.